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Lisa how adorable !!! Thanks for sharing
I have been busy and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, so my online time has been limited. But I'll be back in the chatty mood once it gets to hot again. And I would / will LOVE to be the USA Godmommy !!!

Tina what kinds of things are you guys eating ? I eat horrible and need to get my butt in gear and eat healthier. Your hubby and grandson are lucky to have someone there to do it for them ... all the thinking part. LOL

Hey Pat I am coming down for sure, just finalizing the dates.

Lori I hope you enjoy the last day of your mini vaca Hopefully the dr's aren't to hard on you and you get to enjoy your time with your mom tonight !

I had a rough night Both of my kids didn't want to sleep for some reason so we were all dragging when we got up this am. I sure hope they make it through the day with school, etc I suppose I better go start and wake my butt up. Happy Monday everyone !

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