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Originally Posted by lisainengland
Hey everyone, wow its quiet in here I hope its because everybody was having a busy and exciting weekend

Its May Day over here so its a holiday but as usual its raining The kids and I are going to have a slobbing out day doing indoor stuff My ear is a little better but I am still going to get it checked by the doc

Tex - Kids !!! You have to love them even when they drive you crazy I will get a card out to Popeye this week

Tivia - I have a huge garden and I would love to grow plants and veg but I just have no idea where to start Maybe you should plan a vacation to England

Jareds - Can you post some pics of sunny hot beaches ? All this rain is getting me down

I forgot to post the pic of the kittens yesterday so here it is.
Lisa they are so cute. I want one!!!! Lol but I don't think Mittens would get along with another kitten. He rules my home!! Lol. Thanks for sharing! . Off to 2 doctors appts (yearly visit) then some "me" time then last birthday celebration for my birthday with my mom tonight!!! Tomorrow I starve!!! Too much food in the last few days!!! lol
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