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Originally Posted by WaitingWilkes View Post
I'm sorry you took anything I wrote as criticism. Each of us individually and as part a couple should do what works for us. I have the greatest respect for outmates like you who remain celibate while their LO is locked up. I think it's admirable and demonstrates a lot of character. I was celibate for years while our appeals ground on and for a year after the final one was denied. My wife completely froze me out during that year - she refused visits, returned my letters unopened and refused to call me - in an attempt to drive me away "so I could have a life." She relented and let me back into hers when she was sure I intended to continue to be with her. It was she who suggested that I "date," with some considerations. PTO exists to facilitate exchanging and discussing ideas. I apologize to you and anyone else who may be offended by my sharing our arrangement.
Do what works for you Wilkes. We all have our own plan on how to get to the end of this hell. Personally, I wouldn't consider doing what you do, but doesn't mean it's wrong! I didn't understand why you brought it up and called me out for it. My comment wasn't some sort of proclamation that our way was the only way.
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