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Originally Posted by Visitor611 View Post
There wasn't any reference in this thread that was asking for opinions on what is considered cheating. How many hundreds of people that have come and gone on here had their insides ripped out when they found out their LO was involved with someone else. The worst thing we do, is give people excuses for getting treated badly in the name of "love". How much worse can it get for us on the outside? They can't keep their shit together inside a prison? We aren't good enough for those people to not have sex with another inmate or CO? OP was devastated. Thus my responses. It happens ALL THE TIME here. That response with underlines words and passive aggressive "not to be argumentative" was unnecessary. Wilkes relationship workings wasnt the topic. Don't need to defend something when it wasn't under attack.

From the way i read your last response to him I was under the impression that you took it as a personal attack. I didn't see it that way so i commented, excuse me if i miss read.

And regarding prisoners having sex or extra marital relationships in prison just because they're locked up is no excuse. If they're married then they're married. If they no longer wish to be faithful then they should say so and get a divorce. There shouldn't be any excuses if you're married to cheat. Prison or no prison.

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