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Originally Posted by Visitor611 View Post
Your comment absolutely was directed at me because you felt some type of way on my own opinion what a marriage should be. Share yourself with 30 people. Why would I care? If giving a piece of yourself to other people floats your boat, by all means, float away. I'm going to guess the person who created this thread whole heartedly disagrees.

I don't understand why you would be upset? Wilks comments would only reflect upon him and the type of relationship that he has with his wife. Personally I could never cheat on my husband and know that he would never cheat on me either. I have been married before my husband and the man i was married to cheated on me. I came home sick one afternoon and caught him in bed with another woman having sex. I divorced him. I made it clear to my current husband that if i caught him doing the same that i would divorce him too regardless of how much i loved him. My current husbands ex wife was also cheating on him and having sex with any man she could get her hands on, he divorced her for the same reasons. So deep down in my heart of hearts i know that my husband and I would never cheat on oneanother. We've been through the hurt and heartache that cheating does to a relationship that we would never put our own marriage in jeopardy of such. Don't get mad at him, don't get upset at him. He's only doing what works for him and what he and his wife have agreed on. You're a proud man who loves his wife too deeply and respects her enough not to hurt her in this way. I understand that because I'm like you. I love and respect my husband too much to ever hurt him and i would never be a hypocrite and do to him what was done to me in the past.
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