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Originally Posted by WaitingWilkes View Post
Not to be argumentative but "cheating" is what a couple agrees it is. My wife defines our relationship as three separate spaces; her life, my life and our life. We live separate lives because the system makes us. We have no secrets from each other about what we do in our separate lives. Being with others isn't cheating to us.
That's good for you. You're putting a lot of emphasis on what the system makes you do. I choose to not let them. Number of women I've been with in the last 20 years. One. Not feeling you on that comment Wilkes. Sharing intimate feelings with anyone else makes me nauseous. Also, my comment was based on the OPs feelings, which she clearly states she was betrayed and very hurt. Wasn't that the point of this thread? I don't care what couples do in their own relationship, but if you look at past posts, you are in the minority.

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