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Originally Posted by IKARUS1984 View Post
Hello, I'm looking for general information on how the phone system works in England.

Can I use like Google Voice or a phone number APP? Or do I need a landline in order for inmates to contact me?

How can I save money on expensive prison calls?

Hi there , google voice is not accepted or available in the UK. Depending on the security category of the prison ,offenders have to add a number to their phone list.This is arranged with their case manager when they first arrive at the facility and they can add or remove numbers. If family or friends live overseas you may qualify for one free 5 minute call a month.

Calls have to be pre paid by the inmate they can buy phone credit. I am not sure how much it is now ,it was about 3p a minute a few years ago.

Your loved should be able to get information from his case manager.
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