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I'm pretty stupid when it comes to prison life and things "they do" but as a girlfriend of a prisoner I think I would not be happy in a situation like this. I have heard about "gay for the stay" but this is a not enough explanation/excuse for me. That's just me though... I understand everyone has their needs and stuff... so do you I guess... but prison is not a "joker" to do what you want.
Maybe it's something they "need" to do to be "accepted" but I'd be pissed to be honest.
Having someone you love (and even married to) going to prison and then behaving like that would be a double-betrayel in my book.
But that's just me... I don't know the dynamics of your relationship and what you might have discussed beforehand but I would not like that and probably get out of that kind of relationship.
Follow your heart but take your brain with you...
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