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Originally Posted by She'sMyAngel View Post
This, absolutely. Also, it may be worth considering that it's very common (in my experience) for women in prison to have 'family' groups. Often there is also a maternal/sisterly bond, companionship and group protection.

The sexual component is something that you will need to discuss and come to your own conclusions on. But please don't feel you are alone in this, there are many here who will connect with your experience. Good luck.

I hate to sound snobbish and sanctimonious but we are both from families that are so far right it often made us both insane. I can't even believe she could do this to us, and that sex was so more important to her than loyalty. I was on the outside and was loyal, she is true boy butch and said she was harassed every day by 1400 women all flashing her and saying sexual stuff that she could never be loyal. I was not in the same situation, but I had the freedom to be with someone in a romantic situation and I didn't.
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