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Originally Posted by Thors_wife View Post
Has anyone heard anything on visitation, and when it we'll resume? We are at a level 1 in lower Michigan?
I would not expect visitations to resume until mid to late summer at the earliest and to be honest. The stay-at-home order will last until the end of this month. At some point perhaps in June or July, transfers to and within MDOC will resume. I am sure visitations is on MDOC's radar, but a fly on the wall in those meeting rooms right now would probably hear that they will proceed very cautiously in resuming visitations after the bulk of the backlogged movements happen, proper procedures can be implemented, and the COVID numbers within MDOC stabilize, which is likely going to be a later date than for us on the outside.
Once visitations resume, I think we'll see greatly reduced capacity. Some of the prison visitation areas are quite small, and I don't foresee MDOC packing people in there again in the near future, and so I'd expect some combination of shorter visiting times or longer waits.
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