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Question Would love to get thoughts on "clicking" with MWI and why it happens

So, IDK. I've been thinking over the past few days. A lot of us seem to "click" with our guys. I wonder why this is. Anyone have any thoughts on why y'all clicked?

I'd love to hear from people who started off as strangers/pen-pals - but this thread is open to anyone and everyone with an opinion. I know many of the MWIs here were introduced by friends or worked in the prison in some capacity, which, is awesome, but it's also kind of a more traditional way to meet someone IMO. (Not discounting it, just saying!!)

It's just kinda crazy to me that I was scrolling through a pen pal website, my MWI caught my eye, I wrote and we clicked. I mean, I'd written to 3 other inmates before I wrote to him, and none of them clicked the way he and I do... idk, does anyone else ever think about why?

So I've got some questions:

-Expand on what "clicking" means to you.
-How long did it take for you to realize you clicked?
-For pen-pals: how many other inmates did you write to before you found the "one" that clicked?
-Have you ever felt this kind of chemistry with someone in the free world?
-Is your relationship with your MWI effortless, or do you struggle?
-Any other thoughts you'd like to share.

For me... my relationship with my MWI is effortless. I mean that's the only way to describe it. Yes, we both put in work to appreciate each other and to do things for the other (short of sending money, I don't send him money, nor do I put money on his phone account - we have Securus so any money I put on an account is for MY number only)... our communication is almost constant, we're always thinking of each other, and somehow, someway, we often know what the other is thinking or is worried about before it's actually said... and we often have moments where we'll write about the same subject, without being prompted by the other. IDK, to me, my MWI is raw and honest. It took me a while to get there (because IMO you have to approach this stuff with caution, especially if you're penpals first), but I finally feel settled and sure. We're going on 8 months of writing in about 4 days here.... and every day is a gift. Communication hasn't lagged once - rather, it's really picked up. Goodness, I could gush on and on, but I'll spare y'all.

Anyway - I want to hear your thoughts ))
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