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Originally Posted by sidewalker View Post
Being in reception that long is very frustrating. (my hub was as well....13 months) tho its not the usual time frame. Back then they didnt get ANY phone calls. Sucked big time.

Calling does nothing. Dont even bother. (sorry but its true)
He can try to 602 it, but I dont even know if that will move things along either.
Hopefully soon he will know where he's going.
Fire camp would be a plus.

Im sorry its taking so long. Very hard to deal with the uncertainty.
13 months is quite a while 😩 sometimes I feel like maybe they forgot about him hopefully after the holidays he can get transferred. And by the way what does 602 mean? And yes Iím hoping heís sent to firecamp I heard thatís a plus but heís a level 2 not sure if heís eligible for it .
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