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Welcome to PTO, PoppySeed. I'm very sorry to hear you find yourself in this situation. From the "been there, done that" department, it's not an easy road to go down. The emotional turmoil is horrible, the system seems overwhelming at first.

A couple of suggestions:

1. Find the "Loving a Sex Offender" forum here and start reading and asking questions. I can answer your Oregon questions, but that forum has many people willing and able to offer support for the emotional side, which is far worse than the bureaucratic boondoggle.

2. Read this thread for navigating the bureaucracy here in Oregon:

3. My Dad was in a similar position to your husband, excepting that he was 72 when he entered prison, and on blood thinners. He died of lung cancer in prison. He never had a problem (aside from verbal snittiness) with other inmates. The biggest key is to try to remain invisible until he understands the rules, both the written and unwritten ones, and the politics, again, both institutional and the population's politics. No gangs, no drugs, no gambling. Eyes and ears open, mouth shut. Once he figures out how different it is (my Dad said it was like moving to a foreign country for how severe the culture shock was), then he can start figuring out who to make friends with and who to avoid. I also strongly urge you to read this thread:

Pass on that information to him, and he should be fine. I've only heard of a couple of sex offenders in Oregon prisons getting severely injured by other inmates, and they weren't practicing the "stay invisible" rule by any stretch.

Feel free to post as many questions as you have, and have a look around the rest of the site. There is a lot of support here and a lot of good people willing to help you to the best of their ability.
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