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Originally Posted by maytayah View Post
Hi and welcome to PTO you will find many others here in MWI relationships. Was this guy on a pen pal website or a dating website if the later how was he accessing it. If he has an illegal cell phone that could be a red flag and land him extra time. If he makes you happy then enjoy it and you have a year to get to know him. Just keep your eye out for red flags like money and favour requests. If he is on the net he may be involved with others so take it slow and get to know him before he is released.
This is something I don't think is stressed enough to folks new to the system and I wouldn't have listened four years ago, either. A cell phone seems like a small thing and in some regard it is. But on the whole, if you're just getting to know someone I do think it would be at the top of my list for taking a pass on someone. It's never just having a cell phone. Remember, those phones have to be paid for.
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