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Thanks for the helpful info, crunchycrunch. If you're still reading these things or anyone else sees this: My relative has just been transferred to the camp at Lompoc (is that RDAP?) from Taft. My question is about medical care at the Lompoc camp. He was in FCI Lompoc (low) for 6 years and for 5 a malignant growth on his face was totoally ignored by the doctor there. At CI Taft, where they have good medical care, it was finally diagnosed and removed, and fortunately he's okay on that score now (lucky!). But instead of keeping him at Taft, they've moved him to the camp at Lompoc because Lompoc is supposedly a "medical facility." Do you or anyone know anything about medical care there? He has some other health issues, so I'm hoping the camp has better care than FCI. I don't have much hope, but I'd be very grateful to know about anyone else's experience. Thanks!

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The minimum security prison camp in
Lompoc isn't that bad. All things considered, he could be going to worse places. A family member of mine did approximately 22 months there, followed by a 6 month stay at a halfway house.

I visited there many times. Place reminded me a lot of a summer camp or army barracks... it is on the grounds of the medium security prison. Dormitory style living quarters, basically communal living. Biggest complaint for some is overcrowding, but my family member shared a cubicle style space with one other man and they got along.

The best thing about the place is that it is safe, which was the big concern for us when our family member went away. There isn't any violence, no worries about being murdered or assaulted, nobody wants to get kicked up to a high security level so they generally behave.

If your friend shows up and does his time quietly, he won't have any problems. Make no mistake though, it is a prison. When the medium security prison has a riot or whatever, and goes on lockdown, the camp goes on lockdown, too. He doesn't want to be the guy who gets caught with contraband... a cell phone, drugs etc. because that can get you thrown into solitary at the medium prison. He would be wise to avoid the guys inside running scams or whatever. If you're tagged a problem inmate you will be removed and kicked up to a higher level.

Our family member actually made it through his time in relatively good spirits and with little to no problems. We visited often.
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