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Originally Posted by JMK
This article is full of dumb points (e.g. the quote that inmates released from California prisons have two options--"Stay in California or come here." Really? Those are their only two options?!?!?!? Dumb), but I thought I'd share it anyway!

California prison woes worry Nevada D.A.s
Posted: 7/23/2007

Federal judges are creating a special panel that could force the state of California to release inmates from its overcrowded prisons.

Nevada law enforcement fears that if too many inmates spill out of California’s prisons, some of them could make their way to the Silver State and commit crimes here.

“They’ve got two options: Stay in California or come here,” Washoe County Assistant District Attorney John Helzer said. “I would say if there’s a substantial release of prisoners in California, we would see some of those people. I would rather not.”

Helzer hopes if they are released, they are kept on parole so there would be at least some supervision. People on parole need permission to travel, for instance. People intent on committing crimes are not going to follow the rules, Helzer conceded.

Clark County District Attorney David Roger doesn’t think parole would make much of a difference.

“Parole officers can only do some much to make sure their clients do not reoffend,” Roger said. “I think the risk is just as great, even though individuals may be under the supervision.”

Entire article:

As someone that has been locked up both in Nevada and California. Don't have to worry to much about california parolees going to Nevada. Strange thing is now my job is based out of Reno, so if I am in Washoe county over 48 hours I must notify the sheriff that I am in his county (state law in Nevada) since I am in Nevada more then that I must carry an ex offenders card (all convicted felones in Nevada must) When I am on the road in the silver staett and i stay in any other county over 48 hours I must do the same most of the time I don't, but let me get picked up or questioned by law enforcement and they find that I didn't "register" this is a new charge
If I wasn't making good $$$ I would say jack it in you ass but for an ex offender making almost $80,000 a year I deal with the BS .Plus I have a very good boss and a liberal expense account . Must take the bitter with the sweet in the lovely state of Nevada. Where the state moto is: "Come on vaction leave on probation"
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