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Originally Posted by ILLINOIS.PAL View Post
When does it settle down because we just hit 8 months a couple days ago and every day I discover something else that throws me deeper into being in love with him... I will say that despite the giddiness, I do feel more settled/evenly-paced/sure of what we have. It took a little while, and I was cautious at first (mainly in part to horror stories and what friends have gone through) but I've never felt so sure lately due to some other outside stuff. IDK how to explain it.
You don't want to know, lol. In my case, it took a solid three years. Two of them in the throes of infatuation, and one year post-marriage, too. Even now I'd probably gush to some willing ear, but things have become overlayed with other experiences and a deepening of the bond that comes with time.
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