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Originally Posted by fbopnomore View Post
If this is his first stop at a bop owned prison, a number of things need to occur before he can contact you. He must provide his counselor with a list of all phone numbers he will be allowed to call, and a list of visitors, both of which have to be approved and entered into the prison computer.

If he was already set up on the systems of another bop owned prison, his new counselor can import his existing lists, but he won't be able to phone/email you until that actually happens. He also must wait to receive his 9 digit phone system pin # in the mail. It will never change, so if he already has a pin #, it will work there as soon as he is activated on the Jesup computer system.
No this is where he gonna be for 24 mths I'm just going crazy cause he has not called me in 7 days please help me if anyone knows r has lived ones in the lowsataliye at jesup please give him a message to call his wife his name in James Stringfellow thanks for all the help
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