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Originally Posted by G-lady View Post
Just thought I would share my experience of our 1st family visit. I arrived to the facility at 10:30am. (They started processing exactly at 11am.) I was directed to go to the visiting reception waiting room. The people there were expecting me and asked me to pick out up to 10 DVDs from a cabinet that was opened and ready for me to look at.. at 11 am when they started processing, It took about 10-15 minutes for my processing and checking of my property. -very fast-There was another family processing after me. (there 1st time too) and they did bring a lot of stuff. It took a long time to process them and check everything they brought and they had to make several trips back out to their car to put stuff in that could not be taken in. My suggestion is: bring in a minimal amount of stuff. Honestly, you wont need much. Make up? I didnt bother bringing. I brought travel size toiletries, 1 change of clothes and 1 night gown. I left all my jewelry at home. Easy to check, easy to process= faster to get into the unit where my husband was already waiting. I did need to bring some medication. But I followed the directions on the FV rules my husband was given. I brought a doctors note, and put only the amount I would need into the perscription bottles. They were so kind to me about it. I was told to have my husband use the phone inside the FV unit to call when I needed my meds and they would bring it to me. (cant take it in) But he never had to call. They called him several times to ask if I would be needing it. They brought it right to the gate and handed it to me in a envelope. I took out my meds and I signed thier log. Thats it. easy, respectful, and very well handled. the visit went smoothly, no incidents of any kind. If my husband had a question, he picked up the phone to ask it and was given his answer right away. They posted up the times they would call him for check -in. But only 1 time each day did they ask him to go out front for the check. The night calls were over the phone check ins and they didnt even call for all of them. 2:30 am was the last one both nights. much easier than expected. We cant wait to have #2.
That doesn't sound bad...are the clothes restrictions the same?
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