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Originally Posted by moonhanger View Post
I try to take care of my LO best I can, throwing money on her books etc. Some random girl mailed me just "saying hi" and that confused the hell out of me. now it makes some sense, if I'm thought of also as a "trick" - i do know my LO has told the entire prison about us...I love that she loves me that openly, but some things might be best left on the down and low...?
It's difficult for them to keep things on the down-and-low when it's clear that they have money/commissary/clothes. Girls also will go in other girls' cells and get in their address books and such. If they want the information they'll find it. So unless they want to give the appearance that they're roughing it...eventually people are going to ask questions. And factor in visits and phone calls.....put this way, as I'm very obviously of varying European origins and she is very obviously Mexican, telling people "that's my brother" wouldn't have passed muster.
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