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Originally Posted by JohnsRide"r"Die View Post
how can they replace the courts parole process? Will they be getting rid of nvss parole?
No, they are not getting rid of it exactly. The primary reason 57 was passed (from the standpoint of CDCR) was to remove federal oversight and control how (and who) is released. They want the court-order lifted. The NVO parole process included in 57 increases the number of people eligible for parole consideration earlier than their original EPRD and is modeled after the court-ordered NVSS process.

Defendants also intend to implement the Act’s non-violent parole on July 1, 2017. The non-violent parole process overlaps significantly with the Court-ordered non-violent second-striker parole process in several substantive respects. For instance,the non-violent parole process uses the same public safety screening criteria and notification procedures for registered victims and prosecuting agencies that CDCR uses for the Court-ordered process. Similarly, the Board of Parole Hearings will apply the same legal standard for reviewing an inmate’s suitability for release under the non-violent parole process as is currently used.
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