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Default If you haven't ....DON'T!

Its been three years since I used "METH" and I still feel the effects of it. You lose alot of your mentallity and you can't fix the damage to your mind once it's done! I know alot of people who were/are addicted to this drug and everyone of them have the same after effects. I thought I would be O.K. and my life would go back to being normal again but to make it simple I still can't keep my head straight! Those of you who have been addicted to this drug will understand. Those of you who have never done this drug please DON'T. It's not worth it! I'm crying as I type this because I know how much your life will be torn apart by this drug. I pray that I never have to worry my children will touch this drug. It scares me to think that by the time my children are teenagers that there may be something worse than "METH"!
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