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Post Update

Ok after some research I made a choice as to what to do about our phone situation.

Last week I got a t-mobile no contract plan with a set amount of monthly minutes w/free nights and weekends that had a local number to where he is at. I sent him the number and he called me on it a few hours ago. I checked and it cost us only $3.75 as compared to the $28. So, I am so much more relieved. We can now talk everyday and not end up in the poor house.

For me there were too many consumer complaints against magic jack and I had a few friends who had issues with vonage and the prison phone companies. So, I took this route my original choice and thank God it paid off. No matter what I chose our calls will be $3.75 at the local rate regardless. As for some of the local line services well I don't like the idea of autopay that i noticed some of them had.

It all comes down to what works better for your situation. As for mine T-Mobile no contract with a local number is awesome. I hate having more than one cell, but hey at least I get to talk to him.
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