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It's Bill's Mom again! I need assistance.....

I was reading the posted articles again on prison labor. Is the hours not limited that an inmate is requried to work each week? Where do we get the information needed to check out the vendors of the prison system and the amount contributed to the DOC by these vendors? Or in other words, I want to see where a list of the dollar amount contributed to the DOC and the amount the vendor contributes to election campaigns and the lobbist. I don't want my son to be a money machine for the state while his children are getting no child support payments. Also, just because a person is incarcerated doesn't always mean he is a bad person. How many people walking the street are just as guilty and just havent been caught yet or never will because they hide behind a uniform or a state office? My son was sentenced as a recidivist on 2 counts of txt, (he got into trouble in 1995 after a brain injury sustained in a car accident. He had no attorney, so the cases (3 cases) were tried in different counties by different judges and counted as individual crimes. He did all the probation without incident and paid the fines) while the co-defendants who have a rap sheet longer than his, got probation. WHY? Why is there such a difference in the way justice is administered? He has never commited a violent crime and has a heart of gold. Like all of us on this site, we could tell a long story but for now I just want to get as much help as I can to get my son home. This is another kicker. He paid an attorney $60,000 to see this through. After the appeal was denied and sent to the Supreme Court of Georgia, my son was rearrested and the warrent stated that all appeals were over, but they weren't. The attorney contacted my son one time since this, January 07, and since he hasnt responded to a call, letter or email. We have no money to pay another attorney and my son doesn't want to make him mad. He hopes he will come through but I keep telling him, he has been ditched. I don't like threats so I don't believe in threatening. But what legal avenue is there for any of this? I am new to this and have so many questions. It is very time consuming also. I seem to spend more and more time and get no results. This is so depressing that I wonder if it will ever end. One more question, how do we get the parole board to set a temporary parole date. There isnt one on my son's information sheet which I got off the computer. That scared me. Will he not be eligible for a TP date? Sorry for the rambling, I am not in the best state of mind due to this. Anyone, can you give me some direction?

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