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As far back as 1972, the National Council of Crime and Delinquency declared that prison industries "have exploited the prisoner as a slave worker of the state..." (Sawyer 211). Certainly in most cases the prisoner has committed a crime, but once inside, they become "temporary slaves in all but name" (211). A mandate derived from the Thirteenth Amendment permits "slavery or involuntary servitude" only as a punishment of criminals (210). Article Four of the UN Declaration of Human Rights (1948) declares "no one shall be held in slavery or servitude: slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms" (Harr 31). Certainly the dehumanizing aspect of treating humans (convicted criminals or not) as "raw materials" for increasing profit is the first step to slavery.

**So true, so when will jq public wake up and demand a change?? When will our elected officials really stand up for what's right and implement policy and law that ends barbaric practices and the lock em up mentality??


September 10th 2009
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