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Originally Posted by BellsKells View Post
Well turns out my MWI who professed his undying love for me is just another pos. Just saw some random girl post a beautiful letter, beautiful card and recent picture of himself (what kind of woman takes words that were meant for her eyes only and posts it online for every Internet lurker to see?). Well I let her know she's not the only one receiving those beautiful words and that she can have his sorry ass. I have traveled to so many shit places to visit this pos... thousands of miles and thousands of dollars lol... my bad I should have trusted what everyone told me. Well I packaged up every single card, picture and letter I have received from this loser and quite frankly he can drop dead now for all I care. I hope this new bitch will put him first and be faithful the way I did and the way I was. He lost someone who really loved and cared for him and held him in the highest esteem. Sad that there are people who are so selfish and good at lying they don't see the damagethey do to people who really care.

Aw. I'm so sorry. I remember you. I recall reading you're so happy and how happy you were to go to even the 1st visit. I remember your post. I just read this today.
Something in the man's mind while going to prison/while doing time in prison is clearly messed up, psychologically, that he does not "get what true-blessing and gift GOD has so generously/kindly sent him. F---k him.
You're better than that. but YOU have understand/see it for what it was and realize, that you're going to be OK, chica.
I had to underscore in bold red/blk today for you chica, and i understand how you're feeling. I feel your pain though behind the words and your hurt and sadness, so continue to go through the stage of exactly what you're now going through.However, for not too long, as it will eat away and chip away at you and leave you without anything but a bunch of bad memories,regrets and you're better than that. I pray for you... Recognize and REALIZE what happened. Remember that you are BETTER for him than any 1 he shall EVER meet in his pathetic "going no where good" pitiful life, and smile knowing that you're going to 1 day meet a man who truly shall love you, and care for you as deep as you do for him and remain LOYAL, whether in prison OR in the "real world."

Another one who should have yes trusted her instincts,but you will be ok.
Another great woman.
LOYAL RESPECTFUL,Good woman, Mature wonderful lady, who truly loved/cared for a man in prison.

Another great woman who sacrifice/who showed the inmate what he can in life truly "have" and truly be. This is why i am all for women knowing ahead of time who they are truly dealing with.(I'm workin' on something to see if i can get this going)for a while now, where the woman would know ahead of time before she get "too serious" with a man on the inside, if met through M.W.I., ... It sure would help so many avoid what i call a P.P.G.(pen pal game) pen pal gamer. It truly would solve so many probs, save many hearts from being broken and would save alot of money insofar as travel fee(s)and other things, phone time or video-chat time, and other things. GOD BLESS YOU. Remember it's his loss. NOT YOURS. You're going to be just fine ...God will see to it. You will be ok.
But, for HIM? Not so much chica. hugs and blessings. Adios.
#TAAS (there are always signs,so DON'T ignore them)
Lead with your MIND + not your heart.
CONSISTENCY,communication"is key.Without action, it just isn't real.

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