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We email a few times per day as long as he has access to the computer room so he doesn't send too many letters...about 2-3 per month. And they are not very long...maybe 2-4 pages. Half the time he pays someone for cute drawings. But they are always very emotional love letters from his heart and they make me cry so I cherish each one like its gold. I re-read all of them about once a week when I'm having those really bad days of missing him or when the phones and computers are shut down. Just today I was thinking about copying my favorite parts from each letter and putting into one document....maybe that's weird. Anyway, I never ask him to write me because I know it takes a LOT for him to express himself especially with English not being his first language. He always apologizes "my vocabulary of nice words is not so rich" cute! A few weeks ago he wrote me two letters in one week and I was feeling super spoiled! So no, you are not alone! I also love the idea that the letter is something he touched. Sometimes I stare at the envelope and the way he writes my name. It's beautiful.
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