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I went to visit my friend last Saturday there & the C.O.s were great!!! however I now know that each facility makes their own rules. I say this because no one can visit at Greene with sleeveless top. There is no directive that states this. My husband who is in max at Shawangunk I wear sleeveless there every weekend this summer. Never denied entry. I was glad that Greene doesn't permit leggings since many women don't utilize at their discretion what's appropriate fitting.
The biggest issue I had is that you must wait outside in the heat and garbage overflowing outside which stinks awful and the inconsiderate people ? I want to say other but I will be civil, these people smoking on top of others infants children elders. It was appalling, I was angered and disgusted. They were primarily people who stepped off the van service. Not saying all were but most were offensive. Older woman cursing in front of children. I struggled containing myself from opening my mouth! I was so out of my element and thought how their behaviors contribute to the criticism and treatment families and visitors receive from DOCs , their employees, and society in general.
Then is the red knitted bags that are for packages. Omg! These people acted like savages. The C.O. comes out and hands one person a red bag that holds several but not enough, and it was females pushing cursing about getting a red bag.
The staff great. Facility accommodating. The experience being around these people was such a negative that I told my friend I will write, buy him what he may need, put the phone on for him but I won't return there. Again this is my perspective and any decent human being will agree about what I witnessed screams shame!
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