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Originally Posted by Jacob's Girl View Post
My man enjoys caring for others. I have been told a felon can't get any state license. Is there a type of health care work he can do?
The licensure process is very much dependent on the state where an applicant applies. For example, here in my state, as a felon I'm able to apply for a real estate license; however, in order to do so, I first have to study and pass the real estate exam - paying whatever fees necessary. Then, I am required to apply for a real estate license after passing the exam - paying another application fee. Then, my fate is left up to whoever sits on the real estate state board and they vote whether or not to grant someone with a criminal record, like mine, a real estate license. Each state has a different process.

As for health care work, your loved one might make his way on what's called the Medicare Exclusion List as issued by the OIG. If he ever gets on the list, he's excluded from working for any healthcare facility, in any capacity, that receives Medicare and/or Medicaid reimbursement. He could even go start his own landscaping company, go mow the grass at a nursing home, and if he's on the list - uh oh. It's "hit or miss" getting on the list, but the OIG Excluded List is driven by tips and complaints.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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