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Originally Posted by WvRob View Post
My son was attacked last night just 18 days away from parole I found out through another inmate that he is in the hospital I contacted huttonsville Correctional Center in West Virginia they advised me my son is okay that's all they could tell me then I find out later from an inmate that he was in the hospital to have emergency procedure on his face I asked the officer if I can contact the hospital to see how he's doing and get an update on his condition officer told me there's a Code but I don't have it how can the captain and the correctional center not have a code not give me any more information on my son's health what can I do.
HIPAA is great but sucks so much in times like this. Sense your son is of age hippa protects both him and the prison. There are some very limited releases your son my or may not have signed. Best thing to do is keep calling and hope someone can get you the direct line for the hospital wing, and then see if releases have been signed and if they can even tell you anything. Best of luck. At least they where able to tell you that he is doing okay.
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