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Thank you all so much for sharing your stories and showing support. All of our stories are different, yet the pain we experience and our families experience is the same.

I guess in some ways Iím lucky compared to others dealing with this, but my immediate family has been very supportive. My dad has 2 friends that know that have also been supportive and not turned their backs. My dad was always a wonderful father and itís hard for me to see him any other way. He has owned up and taken responsibility for his actions from the day he got caught. I was the one in denial at first and I remember him gently saying ďno... there has no been a mistake. I did this.Ē I appreciate that bc itís been easier for me to learn to accept this and he had 2 years to get help before sentencing, which Iím sure helped his case. hell, on the way to federal prison, the man didnít want to take coffee from a hotel lobby since we werenít staying there.

I do feel like Iím being punished too. The federal prison system seems so strict and I hate that I can barely talk to my dad, and that seeing him will be less than Iíd like and take careful planning. I break down and cry a lot. I feel exhausted from trying to take in all of this information and from living my life as if everything is okay. Luckily, my dads case didnít get a ton of media attention, minus a small article in the local newspaper so I donít think a ton of people know. Or maybe they do. I pretend they donít for now.

Thanks again for the support everyone. Itís comforting to be part of a community of understanding people.
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