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That's good to know & encouraging. I wonder if different things apply to different crimes. I am going to share this with my son. He would love to eventually travel. He was like you, sentenced to a short time to serve but a state charge & then probation. Caught a technical violation & had to serve 2 years. He will be off supervision in 2024. I hope then he can travel. We'd like to visit Ireland but don't know if it'll ever be possible

Originally Posted by ttexrbomb View Post
I was charged in 2012 and plead guilty to a Federal charge of Theft of Public Money on August 12, 2012. Did a year and a day (3/28/13 to 2/8/14)...supervised release..went back in a violation (9/29/15-3/28/17) and was off paper on 3/28/17.

Anyway, seven years passed and I applied for TSA Precheck on 11/27/19. I was approved and received my KTN (Known Traveller Number) in 1/9/20.

Itís encouraging that the past is being left exactly where it needs to the past.

So for those of you who are more than 7 years out, it may be possible to get TSA Precheck. For me it was very easy and straight forward.
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