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Originally Posted by MizzyMuffling View Post
I’m MWI but I guess I’m a lot different than most of the MWIs on here. I don’t want a proposal, I don’t want a long-term commitment, all I want is honesty & respect.

I most certainly did not start out wanting a long-term commitment or proposal either. We were truly friends, years in.. he once told me that I was his best friend and then said, "I want to say something without you taking it to a romantic level, I love you"... I gathered my thoughts, thinking there's NOTHING romantic about him being in jail and loving each other as friends!!

This is a man I actually took through my life, in detail; my dating life, the first time I went to Vegas ((with a much older boss)), my first 1 night stand, lies I've told, fire arm events my boyfriend and I would attend & he shared with me the details of his pen-pals, ex's, new gals, fights, how to make pruno and how to properly stick a knife up your rectum yeeah, I was no were near "romantic level" with him for the first 6 years, so I totally feel ya on your expectations and it's great that you're able to maintain your balance with it all.
I couldn't! Something out of my control changed and I couldn't escape it, I tried. Mind ya all, we didn't think he'd ever get out, in the early 00' term lifers in California had been denied parole left and right and had been serving 35+years, there weren't many parolee success stories back then.

This weekend he admitted to me that in 2014, after his initial parole denial, that had he been granted parole, he and I would not have made it, that he would not have remained married to me nor would he have the skills / maturity to handle "us" / or a partnership straight out of prison. I don't like the what if's so I just joked and replied, "then it's a good thing you were denied parole in 2014"

MWI with or without a commitment or proposal we're going to go through massive changes when our dear one is released... there is no proper preparation for it or is there? I'll definitely be keeping track of the positive and negatives, the must do's and must not's

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