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The shower area was clean where I stayed. It was a nice white tiled floor in the shower area. Walls were clean. Like I said there was janitors who went around the prison daily with there cleaning machines (those floor cleaners they push that look like mini zambonis). The county jail i was at, all the floors in the facility are that nice shiny white tile. Even the shower area was white tile floor. Like.i said in my cell block alone atleast 5 of us stayed barefoot as we didnt order shoes and they didnt even provide flip flops at lockup time. I think the guards know alot of us inmates at lockup time dont always have the funds to order shoes at time of lockup (as in my case) so that's why they have janitors there who clean the floors with those machines and also make sure the shower area was spotless. I'm sure in the womans wing there were some barefoot too. My feet never really got dirty either. Only the floors in our cells were unfinished concrete. Other then that all the floors in the facility was white shiny tile.
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