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I can't speak for juvie but I was a former inmate at a Kentucky county jail. I spent my entire 6 month sentence in bare feet. I didn't know shoes and socks had to be purchased through commissary. Nor did I have the funds to purchase any. I didn't even know how commissary worked as it was my first time locked up. I remember how self conscious I felt when I was being led to my cell in bare feet but once I got to my cell block and noticed a few other inmates in my cell block barefoot too it made it easier for me. It took me a few days to get used to being barefoot.

Granted most inmates in there had shoes on. There were a few of us in my cell block barefoot.

On court days those of us who were barefoot, the guards had a box of shoes and we could wear a pair out of the box for court. But once we got back to the prison we had to take them off and put them back in the box.

I will say being barefoot in there for 6 months 24 hours a day 7 days a week wasn't that bad
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