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Originally Posted by Grad0507 View Post
I donít know where to put this, so feel free to move it. Iíve been writing to a celebrity I wonít name every other month for 5 years because I thought heíd appreciate outside contact that wasnít just fan mail. I understood if he didnít write back because I assumed he got a ton of mail. Well two years ago I proposed the idea of dating. He didnít respond until two years later a month before my marriage anniversary to someone else and implied that he was interested in a more sexual relationship. I talked my husband about having an open marriage and wrote back with more frequency. However he still hasnít written back to either encourage me or discourage me from writing. Itís a very odd relationship and seems completely one-sided. I canít even tell his response to my letters and if they make him happy or angry or annoyed or what. He wonít even email me through Corrlinks. Is this the sign of controlling or manipulative behavior? What is up with that?
There's so many WTF moments in this post, that I lost count after 10.
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