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Originally Posted by ShannonL View Post
I say sentence reduction.

So I'm totally new at this and we aren't married anyway, so I'm not wanting conjugal visits... I don't think they are allowed in Ohio anyway... but I'm soooo curious how it works!! LOL Tell, tell!! How do they go about giving you privacy like that?
Well, lol, I answer this question a lot ( since I have been on these visits) family and private. --- theres not that much " privacy". EVERYTHING is searched and you are limited to what you can bring. Count still takes place- and you sign a waiver that 2 guards ( always a female and a male) can enter the trailer at ANY time.( and they do) Many people do it a few times then stop- it feels "dirty." ( you need to bring your own clean sheets too.) They provide you with a list of items you can/need to bring. We always had a TV and radio in the trailers, and not a real "bedroom"- more like an area with partial wall off of the main area.
Trailers are all lined up in a row, and check in time is the same time for everyone, as well as check out. I have seen MANY of these visits end bad- arguing,ending early. Men are men and women are women, sometimes one person wants to be way more "active" then the other- sometime one person just wants to lay together.I was happy to have them, don't get me wrong. But it was also a little embarrassing the 1st time or 2.... knowing that all the guards KNEW what was happening, but you get over that part quick. But, Id take sentence reduction over this in a heartbeat.
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