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Originally Posted by HisHarleyQ View Post
Well IMO I think he thinks I'm cheating. He's not said those words. I've told him what's been going on here and he's like sweetie I love you with love comes trust. I trust you. I trust you're not doing anything.
And a big reason he wants out is to get back to working again. I usually keep the house and get my check. He's never made me work. He feels like me keeping house is enough. He's not really throwing a tantrum I should have explained better .... And I'm sorry. Maybe I'm getting in my own head? Idk. He just wants out cause he misses me. He agrees we should have a stable place to live but every time he calls its asking what's going on with getting him out. Its so annoying.😩😩
How are you getting SSI if you are able to work? Isn't that for people that are unable to work due to a disability?
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