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Originally Posted by miamac View Post
Trials aren't scheduled by type of crime. They're put on the docket according to the readiness of the case. Some can be handled rather expediently by a public defender, some need to time to interview witnesses or gather information. In some cases attorney's want their client to sit in county for a while because (state specific) the credit toward their prison sentence can be helpful.

Aggravated assault is a serious crime. This is a very stripped down primer on the charge in Texas. I'm a little surprised they didn't tack on "with a deadly weapon". He's very lucky.

Perhaps instead of planning to buy him packages you could use that money to find a better living situation or prepare for employment. Those things will carry you, or the both of you, much farther than ramen and deodorant.
I've already read that, and I am preparing for finding a job and looking for a better place to live, I've stated that in other posts (not to sound snippy), but I can set aside some money to send him a com. package, cause even when he IS out even if he's bonded out, I'm gonna keep saving money while staying at my friends for a deposit, first month's rent and utilities if need be and at least half next month's rent. Cause they're not asking much from me here for rent, like 150/mo. not bad. I'm basically paying my share of utilities. I'm not complaining, but I do know I need to get a job and a better place for us, and he's NOT gonna like hearing that I'm doing that and not bonding him out.
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