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Originally Posted by HisHarleyQ View Post
i'm not going anywhere, I mean I told him if he got sentenced to prison for like 15+ years i MIGHT LEAVE, but not cheat. My thing is, why cheat? Just leave. No one gets hurt, IMO, cheating hurts more than leaving... (well leaving hurts, but yall get what I mean I hope) and I guess it makes sense, they sit there and get into their heads....
You also can't over think everything they do. You mentioned he had problems with ex wives being faithful when he was in the military... There ya go. It happened to him when he was married and serving our country... Why wouldn't it happen now... Then he has other guys yammering... Then he's spending too much time in his head.... He isn't home to know what you're doing... So... In comes the unhelpful thoughts. It's as simple... And complex as that. MrB expected me to leave or cheat on him... It is what it is.

Getting arrested is a slap to their self esteem. They don't understand why anyone would stay with them or stay faithful. It's not about what he thinks you actually may do... But what he thinks he deserves... That is from hubby...
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