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Unhappy Has anyone else's Husband/Boyfriend thought they were being unfaithful?

I got off the phone with mine not too long ago, he's not very happy right now. My roommate and his brother ARE two people I've had relations with, over two years ago. The main roommate, whom is my friend, is married. My man and I are recently engaged and his brother is single. I see my friend more as a brother now, and just that -a friend. His mother and stepfather live in the home as well, and his mother's not too fond of me as is cause I slept with his brother, but she doesn't know I was with him too. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 18, to my ex of six months. After that, i had a bit of a "sleeping around" phase, which died down when I turned 19. I'm about to be 21, and I've not been with anyone for the last six months except my fiance...I'm honest with him always, and I always tell him the truth...might I add the fact my friends room is right across from his mothers? Who if she heard anything would not only kick me out, but immediately tell his wife?

Has anyone else dealt with this? Does anyone have advice? Please no hateful rude comments, I'm really not in the mood.....thanks.
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