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Originally Posted by new lady View Post
As I foresaw the Supreme court ruled against Ms.Kosilek. So they have nine sadists there using the highest power. People who feel that some people can be treated as non-humans. Now it will be a precedent that will allow prison officials to deny all surgeries perhaps for decades to come. And liberal politicians like Mr. Patrick and Ms. Coakley allowed this to happen. Ms. Harris is allowing the same in CA. When it comes to the transgender inmates the claim-to-be pro human rights politicians act as they would wholly agree with prison officials that are extremely biased. The prison officials decision both relating to the medical treatment and the placement of transgender inmates have agreed 100% with the religious right/ and so called TERF-movement. The prison officials have really showed their side.
I think it's important to understand some things associated with this. The main issue of course is that our country is flat busted broke. I've been reading on my own local paper how our county lockup is so run down and awful that the inmates don't even have heat or air conditioning. There have been a spate of inmates found dead in their cells because they haven't been getting the proper medical treatment. Not suicides, but deaths from not being treated. I think that might be part of the reason why they don't support the idea of a transgender person getting the surgery. They see it as a luxury, and a VERY expensive one at that. The vast majority of people simply can't relate to the hell a transgender person must go through when they are stuck with a body they absolutely HATE, and want to change at all costs just to have a bit of peace.

So I don't see it as them being sadistic at all, but it's a combination of simply not being able to understand and relate, AND the fact that the whole nation is broke like it's never been broke before. We are so far in debt, that it may be too much for us EVER to get out of, and a small group of people are asking for an extremely expensive surgery to be provided and paid FOR them, that is not required in maintaining their physical existence. Don't get me wrong, I can't relate, but I do FEEL for them. It's just that sometimes it helps to cope with these decisions if we step back and look at their point of view and the overall big picture.
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