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Unhappy Stuck between time comp & case manager--help!

Hi all!

So my BF got re-sentenced about a month ago (parole violation/back to serve remainder/got sentenced to CC, but DOC wouldn't allow it, had to go back to court again--it's been a mess! Thanks to everyone who replied to my thread about it several months back). He only has a few days left on his remainder (which I guess technically doesn't exist/matter anymore)... but something went wrong at Time Comp. and his sentence discharge date has stayed the same. It's been emotional torture to obsessively check the DOC site every day for weeks and not see any change. It was hard for us not to hope for a while that maybe that meant he was coming home. That hope has slowly been draining as the days pass with no confirmation. I've read the Fetzer and Diehl supreme court rulings, plus the Colorado Time Comp. Manual, so I've been trying to figure it out on my own, but in a lot of ways, who cares what date I come up with--what matters is what DOC and Time Comp. decide. It's good to know, in the event that we want to appeal, but right now I just desperately want official dates. I've called his case manager (had to leave a message and just found out she's leaving in a couple weeks--can't say I'm sad to see her go!). My BF's lawyer also called, but I guess she didn't get any useful information to relay back to me. Apparently now his case manager's supervisor is "working on it", but it's been several days and still nothing has changed. They currently have a "nonsense" date placeholder for his PED; according to number they show, he should have been paroled back in the 1300's . His discharge date is still showing as next week . He's asked the officers to check in their system and they've told him that it shows the nonsense number and that his discharge date is blank. So... . He should be parole eligible almost immediately. I get that sentencing is complicated, but it's not *this* complicated.

Has this ever happened to any of you? What else can I do? I've thought about calling Time Comp. myself, but I don't know if they'd talk to me. I feel like they would just refer me back to his case manager. My BF asked his case manager how long DOC could keep him there indefinitely and her response was "Oh, you'd be surprised." Gee, thanks for the help and support--ugh!! I'm feeling so worn down, helpless, and alone, but I'm still trying to be strong and keep it together for my BF. Anyone have advice to share? Thank you!!
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