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Default Hurricane Dorian and SCDC Ridgeland CI (Jasper County)

Via SCDC Twitter:

"Inmates & staff at Ridgeland CI will shelter in place during Hurricane Dorian. The concrete/steel prison, built to updated hurricane standards after Hugo, is safe and secure. Ridgeland has weathered many hurricanes, including a direct hit from Matthew in 2016, with no damage

The institution has enough food, water, generator fuel and supplies to last several weeks. SCDC has an agreement with Jasper County to deliver more supplies if roads are flooded after the storm. Inmates who might need extra medical care during the storm were evacuated Monday.

SCDC believes this is the safest place for the inmates & staff, considering the strength of the buildings. Ridgeland has never been evacuated before. Ridgeland houses 950 medium-security inmates. It opened in 1995. No other SCDC institutions are in evacuation zones."
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