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Originally Posted by miamac View Post
Hi all! I know we have some financial wiz kids on here so thought I'd pick your brains for the best free, printable, budget worksheets out there.

This is for my me and my mother to have "the" sit-down where I start to help make major decisions about finances. I've never had complicated finances-- one source of income, pretty steady number of creditors/bills to pay. They have all the usual retirement accounts and squirrel nesty things I've never heard of. I need a visual because just telling me what's coming in, what's going out and what's in reserve leaves me with glazed eyes and a strong desire to drink.

So lay it on website for printable budget sheets for more than a single source of income? Links appreciated.

And yes, we have POAs set up for both parents that have a multi-tier chain of responsibility, just in case you were thinking it. This is just about deciding which accounts to close and pay off debts in order to maximize their money. Mom has a lot of anxiety around it, I don't so we've decided to combine forces.
You might want to see if you can go to a financial planning seminar for seniors. I know in Florida about 15 years ago I went to one with my Mother, it was very informative. At the time I thought why are we doing this but it has helped me over the years on quite a few things. My mother wanted to go because she really was bad about understanding anything with numbers. She actually did very well investing after she went to the seminar. Setting up a budget is great but if you don't understand the basics of financial planning then a budget won't help make it clear. Don't get me wrong because I'm not good at any of this but I don't have any money to worry about either. But then again 15 years ago I didn't think I'd ever have to deal with any of this sort of thing. Good luck with this I totally get the eye's glazing over thing!!!
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