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what is hot pot? is that kitchen work or something?

i spoke with my fiance today and she tells me that she was told she will probably go to the "barracks"... im guessing that is a level 1 part of the wait where all of the women are in a big pole barn type of area.. all in one place. that sounds horrible because i know my girl loves to read and be in a quiet environment, ya know? she would much rather be in a 2 person room than in a room with 100 other women all around each other. she was told reception was 3 months, not 30 days, so we'll see what happens.

im going to get her a subscription to Cosmopolitan and i just sent her another 4 books and 2 puzzle/game books... that's 8 books and 3 game books in total that she will have gotten from me... they said there is no limit on those types of things, just a limit on how much property they can have in their possession.. that should keep her occupied for awhile, especially in reception when all she can do is read/write letters.
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