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They are supposed to be able to save email to them from what I understand but they are not allowed to use the other features like the photos. They can use the music and features like games, clock, and radio ect. She says it is similar to a smart phone in design.

You got lucky on the books all the ones I sent took 3-7 days to get to her. I would get the email saying they were received at the dock and she would let me know when she got them. There is a lot of girls that get no mail in there to. I have put a few of them on here for cards ect, at the request of my wife. I make sure I have at least one letter a week usually more along with jpays last month I got a ton of pics printed and I have been adding them to her letters and cards. We have a couple other friends along with me and our kids that are writing her. I got her a couple magazine subscriptions and made the officers mad when I found a free postcard promotion last fall and I took advantage of it. They were coming in in bulk of sometimes 10 or more every couple days.

She complains about the cabbage casseroles as well, and the pizza she says is horrible. She does like the waffles, the tacos she says are ok.

She has had 2 jobs since she has been there. Well they were more like one but they changed them some. She used to do the hot pot 2 afternoons and mop a room 3 days 2xs an afternoon. One day she was talking to the officer she reports to and she mentioned that she wished she had more people like my wife, that did their jobs. She found that the other girls didn't like cleaning the room and my wife mentioned she didn't really like the hot pot and would do the room no problem. In the end the officer gave her the room 7days and took away the hot pot. The officer she reports to for her job seems to be a pretty good one. She has given my wife excellent evals and always comments that she goes above and beyond to make sure the job is done properly. She also actually seems to care about the people, she takes time to talk with her people. She actually seen my wife almost crying on the phone over the holidays and after she hung up she made time to pull her aside and spent time talking to her about what was wrong and actually gave her a day off. She has given her a couple of raises so far one was a normal according to time on the job and one was a surprise to her.
Heart broken, can't even imagine how she feels!!

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