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I will work on the menu hopefully tonight or tomorrow. You have to send her the money for the jp3 player. I think hers was $39 , but she got hers a couple months before the jp4 came out and she got a shock when she was told they were switching hers out for the newer one. I think the jp4 is like $59 but also heard there is a jp5 as well but not sure there.

My wife is in a 2 person cell or room as they call it. She has a locker and a footlocker we bought. She was able to put everything in her locker but she was being considered for the humane society program and she was going to need a few extras and wanted the room for storage. From what I hear right now she uses it for paperwork and extra books and securepak stuff. It was maybe a need maybe not. We have been lucky they haven't taken anything out of her money other than Dr visits but even that's strange how they do it. They take that out either way if there's money in or not.

I am not sure about the living quarters on the east side, it looks nicer in some respects when I mapped it out on Google, but women she is in with tell her she is better off on the west side there is less drama. There is one gentleman that his girlfriend was on the east side I will see if I can ask him what it was like. From what my wife was told there is more drama over on the east side, I was told the wait for visiting can be longer over there as well.

My wife only had one small issue since she has been on grounds and that was someone she was in reception that she wouldn't let borrow a book I sent her. It died pretty quick when my wife didn't get worked up over it and pretty much ignored it. She said most of the women she is around just want to do their time and get out.
Heart broken, can't even imagine how she feels!!

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