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As far as I know c wing is another step in the reception process. We didn't have visits while she was in reception. They didn't even process her apps till after she was out. I am not sure if it is different being short time or not. We have had contact visits the entire time. We had some issues due to my disability and needing wheelchair and walker to get around. I have dealt with some good guards and some idiots but I just try very hard to just be polite and cooperative as much as possible it goes much easier. We have gotten to know several of the guards, not by name but faces. Most of them that we see regularly know us and we have a system that everybody is fine with. It just when we get different guards that we run in to one occasionally that is on a power trip like we did the last visit. But it is a fairly rare occurrence, most I explain and they are easy to work with. I know she has to address them with Mr. and Mrs. and be polite she had some good officers in reception and has seen the same officers other places. The afternoon shift actually started letting her use the phone because she had been quarantined so long waiting for her xray and they felt sorry for her since she was following everything she was told to do.

My wife tries to avoid the TV room in her unit because of the drama, plus that's where most of the tickets are written and she doing her best to avoid issues. We finally managed to get her a TV at Christmas time, we got her mp3 player as soon as we could afford it. From what she says it not to bad she careful who she is around and does her job as best as she can. So far it has worked. She is a level 2 so she is on the west side and everybody tells her the east side is worse for drama.

It will be ok it not the greatest but after a while you will fall into a schedule or routine and time will finally seem to pass. I was a wreck for a while after she was sentenced and after a while and following the advice we were given by others here on the board, it got easier. I may not like it but I learned how to cope and work with it. I wait for the phone calls, I can tell about when she can call and when she is in count or doing her job. I try to write as often as I can and send jpay as often as I can. I try to keep money on the phone and visit as often as I can get a ride. When she don't get mail or visits she does feel lost. It helps pass the time and reminds them people do care about them. I know I am like a little kid waiting for her letters and calls. We try to ration the calls to make it all the month but I can not refuse her calls.
Heart broken, can't even imagine how she feels!!

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