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you have been such a great help! i am actually looking forward to her call here very soon... every 12 hours i get to hear her voice, only for about 8 minutes each time but it is the highlight of my day... she did mention that someone else had to put her store order in on the kiosk for her first order when she was in A wing.. she said she can get a tv and mp3 player once in C wing but she owes so much in restitution that it would take 4+ months to save up for a TV and that is without ordering anything on store... plus she says she isnt too concerned about that stuff.. she may get a radio she says, but that's it.. she said if she had a lot of time she would want those things, but not right now....

how are visits there? ive heard they weren't contact visits, that it was through glass and that it was very "yes sir no sir" type of stuff with the guards.. is that true? i saw you have great pictures of you and your wife so it cant be all behind glass, right? how are the guards there? did they treat her ok? what about the other women there, are they pretty good people for the most part?

like i said, my baby seems to think she wont ever get on grounds simply because she is considered, "short time".. she has 1-5 years and was credited 106 days when she got there 11 days ago... reception has a A, B and C wing and that's it? im guessing C wing is for the women that are never gonna get to grounds but are done with the reception process so they get a decent amount of movement... at least that's what i gather.. oh and i got a letter from her today, it was sent on Tuesday so it took a little longer than normal... and she said she had to stand in line for 45minutes to talk to me this morning for 10 minutes... crazy! i have money on the phone so i cant wait until she can just sit back and talk to me with no guards breathing down her neck, you know?

oh, and did i hear about something crazy going on with the TV room or something recently or was your wife not there for that?

thanks so much for your help!
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